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5 Great Reasons to Wear Reusable Cloth Masks

5 Great Reasons to Wear Reusable Cloth Masks

It’s no secret by now that masks are not an option in the Covid environment for those who want to prevent the spread of the virus, protect their friends and loved ones, and follow local and state safety ordinances.

 While disposable masks and cloth masks are both perfectly acceptable options, the use of cloth masks is on the rise. Here are five reasons to have a few in your wardrobe. 

1. Reusable Masks Protect You and Others from Virus Exposure

 For starters, the most important factor is that cloth masks are an effective way to prevent airborne distribution of the coronavirus through respiratory droplets and aerosols. The CDC recommends masks with at least two layers of washable, breathable fabric.

 At RaptorPPE, all of our masks are constructed using sublimated technology, creating an ideal 3-ply blend with polyester on the outer side to repel more germs and 100% cotton the inside for maximum breathability and comfort.

 2. Reusable Masks Are Comfortable

 There are many ways that poorly constructed masks can be uncomfortable. They might feel scratchy against the skin, tug on your ears, shift out of place or hold in too much moisture.

 But a quality reusable mask will provide optimal protection and comfort. Our masks are lightweight and have adjustable straps for a custom fit. The cotton interior also ensures that you feel cool and comfortable with the most breathability.

3. Reusable Masks Reduce Waste

While disposable masks are sanitary, they are nonetheless adding to landfills and can even pose a threat to wildlife. With a reusable mask you can reduce our trash footprint on the planet throughout the pandemic.

 If you use reusable masks, it’s important to keep them clean in order for them to remain effective. Be careful to only handle them by the ear loops and don’t touch your face. Wash after every use with your regular laundry (it helps to have several that you can rotate through!).


4. Reusable Masks Are More Cost-Effective

 Not only are reusable masks better for the environment, but they’re easier on your wallet. Even while our disposable masks are less expensive than most at retail, they can still add up if you wear one every day.

 With our reusable masks at just $4–6 apiece, you can easily get your money’s worth after wearing them just a few times.

5. Reusable Masks Can Be Stylish and Fun

 Masks are starting to be more of a fashion accessory than anyone would have imagined! They’re a great way to show off your personality, whether you to show off your favorite canine breed with our limited edition dog mask series, or you prefer flowers, butterflies or the American flag in our other mask designs.

 You can also request a custom design or logo on your mask, so you can create a spirit of unity for your workplace, school or whatever team you want to promote. Email or call 707-872-7867 for options.


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