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How a Mini UV-C Sterilizer Stick Can Disinfect Surfaces Without Harsh Chemicals

How a Mini UV-C Sterilizer Stick Can Disinfect Surfaces Without Harsh Chemicals

Wondering what a UV sterilizer is and how it can help you? UV-C technology is effective at sterilizing surfaces, and our mini sterilizer stick is an ideal tool to have on hand during the pandemic. 

Are sanitizing products ever in short supply at your local store? While shortages are a common problem during the pandemic, there’s another solution: a UV-C sterilizer.

 Raptor PPE is pleased to offer a new personal product that is easy to use, affordable, and effective at killing 99.5% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces. Our Mini-UV-C Sterilizer Stick for iPhone and Android uses high-precision special wavelength ultraviolet C (UV-C) light to sterilize surfaces and is powered by your mobile device.


How Does UV-C Sterilization Work?

Sterilizing surfaces using ultraviolet light is not a new technology. In fact, the natural light from the sun has been doing it for millennia! Humans have been harnessing UV technology since the mid-twentieth century to disinfect water, food, surgical utensils, and more.

UV-C light is the specific wavelength that is effective at killing microorganisms, including coronaviruses. Specifically, the most effective rays are between 100nm and 280nm on the electromagnetic spectrum.

 When applied to an infected surface, the UVC light breaks down the chemical bonds of any pathogens, molds, or yeasts present and scrambles the structures of their DNA, RNA and proteins. This in effect prevents microorganisms from being able to reproduce—meaning they can’t infect anyone. Thus, in a minute or less, you can kill any viruses or bacteria that come under a UV-C light without needing sanitizing sprays or wipes.


Benefits of a UV-C Sterilizer vs. Other Sanitizers

There are several ways that using a UV-C sterilizer has benefits over other sanitizing products like sprays and wipes.


  • Cost effectiveness: at under $20, our mini sterilizer stick is comparable in price to other sanitizing products, yet it will last much longer. UV-C lights have thousands of hours of use.
  • Availability: once you have a sterilizer, you never have to “refill” it. No more running to the store at the last minute or worrying about sanitizer shortages.
  • No harsh chemicals: sanitizing solutions can be harsh on certain surfaces as well as on people and pets who inhale the fumes. A UV-C sterilizer has no odors or harsh ingredients and is ideal for delicate surfaces and anyone with sensitivities to chemicals.
  • Convenience: you can easily stash a small sterilizer like our mini sterilizer stick in your pocket or purse, unlike a spray bottle or wipe container.


How to Use a Sterilizer Stick

 Our UV-C sterilizer stick is designed for personal use on small surfaces like doorknobs, handles, keys, keyboards, and small electronic devices. Plug it in to your phone and hold it above the surface you desire to disinfect for one minute. The light destroys 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in five seconds.

 Note that UV-C light can only be used on surfaces and is not intended for use on human skin. Stick to soap and hand sanitizers for your hands.


Get Your Mini UV-C Sterilizer Stick and Other PPE Today


Our sterilizer stick comes in models compatible with iPhone or Android devices. Order yours today for convenient and effective surface sterilization available at your fingertips.