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How an Automatic Temperature Scanner Can Help Your Business Reopen Safely?

How an Automatic Temperature Scanner Can Help Your Business Reopen Safely?

In the pandemic business environment, customer and employee safety is critical. After weeks and months of shut-downs, many business owners wonder how they can reopen safely with minimal risk of exposure to COVID-19.

 But for facilities that cater to large numbers of people, regulating safety can be challenging. Non-contact temperature checking at entry points and in crowded areas is a reliable way to find infected individuals and prevent further transmission.

 An automatic temperature scanner is an efficient solution that can quickly measure body temperatures while eliminating interaction.

 How Automatic Temperature Scanners Work

Unlike handheld temperature scanners, which must be held and operated by a person (putting them and those they come in contact with at risk), automatic temperature scanners can take temperature measurements without person-to-person interaction. Raptor PPE scanners use infrared and thermal technology for non-contact temperature measurement and are accurate within 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Depending on what kind of scanner you have, it can take temperatures using infrared technology from people’s wrists or scan a whole room using a thermal camera. If the scanner detects a fever, it will alert your personnel so that they can notify the individual and ask them further screening questions or to leave your place of business to prevent the spread of infection.

 Combined with safety protocols like social distancing and mask use, an automatic temperature scanner can give peace of mind to you and your customers as you operate your business. It can also help prevent the spread of COVID-19 while businesses keep the economy running.

 What Kind of Scanner Does Your Business Need?

 Any business that needs to get people through the door safely and efficiently can benefit from an automatic temperature scanner.

 If you have high traffic volume in a facility such as a school, grocery store, railway station, airport or casino, to name a few, you can greatly benefit from a thermal imaging temperature scanning system like Raptor Vision. This device can scan a crowd quickly for abnormal temperatures and can also detect whether masks are being worn. It automatically captures the image when the high temperature alarm is triggered, so that your personnel can easily identify and notify the person.

 A contact-free wrist temperature scanner is an ideal solution for businesses like stores, hair salons, restaurants, hotels, and dentists’ offices. It’s the most efficient way to take temperatures of people of all heights, including children. Raptor Pulse is a simple solution that can automatically scan temperatures at a rate of 20–25 people per minute. When it reads an abnormal temperature, it sounds an alarm. It is very easy to set up and can be placed at any entry point, so that anyone entering can be cleared quickly and accurately.

If you already have controlled access to a facility like a library, school campus or government building, you may need the convenience and efficiency of the Raptor Pulse Pro, which can be installed in an existing metal detector or on a wall. It is powered by AI, this device features facial recognition, data logging, and network connectivity, and it can be linked to an external monitor. It will also detect if people are wearing masks before entering. You can utilize its employee tracking feature to keep employees your staff safe.


Explore Your Scanner Options

 At Raptor PPE, we offer a range of automatic temperature scanners for every size business. Explore your options or contact us, and we’ll be glad to help you find the best scanner for your needs.